Kusudalweni Attractions

Activities at Kusudalweni & Surrounding Areas

Morning Safaris

Morning Safaris

Morning Safaris begin with a knock at your door, as your personal guide does the rounds to wake his guests. Get up, dress warmly and make your way to the Main Lodge for a warming cup of coffee or tea to start off the day. Now the adventure begins! Find a seat on the Land Cruiser, settle in and prepare to experience the early morning stirrings of the African bushveld.

Our nature guides and trackers know the reserve like the back of their hands and will confer to read the tracks, sounds and sights of the veld to find the hidden areas where the animals congregate. Each day is different and, depending on the weather, time of year, herd behaviour and various other factors you may encounter lions, cheetahs, wild dogs, hippos, crocodiles, rhinos, a variety of plains game and more.

Along the way, we'll stop over to enjoy another cup of coffee or tea and a snack. This is a great time to take a few pictures and ask any questions you may have for your guide. Our nature guides have been hand-picked for their vast knowledge of the area and its animals and will be more than happy to clarify, inform and discuss any topic at length.

Now it's time to head back to the Main Lodge, and we continue our search for exciting wildlife sightings as we go. Once back at the lodge, guests can enjoy a hearty breakfast that includes everything from fresh, season fruits and creamy yogurts, continental or full English.

Evening Safaris

Evening Safaris

Evening Safaris begin in the late afternoon and provide guests with the opportunity to enjoy a different side of the bushveld, as day-roaming animals prepare to settle in for the night and our nocturnal friends emerge to stalk the plains. We drive into the veld as the sun begins to set, painting the sky with streaks of amber, ochre and gold, making our way into the approaching gloom of an African dusk.

We stop over to enjoy a drink as the sunset makes way for nightfall and the sky is transformed into a velvety backdrop for thousands upon thousands of stars. On the way back the guide turn on a powerful spotlight and point out night-time predators and their prey.

Back at the lodge there is an opportunity to return to your room to freshen up before dinner, which is served at the thatched dining area or beneath the stars at our open-air boma.

Night Safari

After dinner you will be collected to begin your night game drive conducted by spotlight. Your ranger will share his expert knowledge about nocturnal wildlife, its behaviour and activities.

A completely different experience to a day time safari you will learn to appreciate a whole new world of animal species with possibilities to see the honey badger, chameleon and the elusive leopard.

Safari in Manyaleti

Manyaleti is a reserve orbiting the larger Kruger and Sabi Sands game reserves in Mpumalanga. This premium ecological habitat derives its energy from the constant hustle and bustle of the unforced thoroughfare, through which moves the collective wildlife of this area. Not on the same scale as Kruger National Park it offers an unspoilt and “Back to the Bush” experience that is solely unique to this smaller reserve. Here you will see animals in vast herds, buffalo and elephant especially. Depending on the time of day you will stop for refreshments at a magnificent lake, from the safe high vantage point you can look down and watch the animals come and go from the water. Capture some stunning sunsets if on a sun downer drive.

Full day Safari in the Kruger National Park

Kurger National Park Safari

The Kruger National Park is internationally recognised as a world class destination and is top of any wildlife enthusiasts list of dream destinations. It was established in 1898 to conserve the wildlife and natural environment of this unique region. The park is more than 350km long and 90km at its widest, covering almost 2 million hectares or 19 000 km².

Located in the North-eastern corner of South Africa, with Zimbabwe bordering to the north and Mozambique on the Eastern perimeter.

This spectacular ecology supports 147 species of mammals, with 507 species of birds and 33 species of amphibians, making the park a diverse and spectacular sanctuary for South African wildlife.

It is home to the BIG 5, African Elephant, Rhino, Cape Buffalo, Lion and Leopard. The LITTLE 5, Elephant Shrew, Rhino Beetle, Buffalo Weaver, Ant Lion and the Leopard Tortoise. And the BIRD BIG 6, Lappit Faced Vulture, Saddle Billed Stalk, Martial Eagle, Kori Bustard, South Ground Hornbill and the rare Pells Fishing Owl.

Spend the day slowly exploring this vast wilderness in open 4 x 4 safari vehicle with your expert tracker and guide spotting animals, answering any question you will have and imparting his vast knowledge on you.

Stopping off at various water holes throughout the day to spot an array or wildlife both in and around the water’s edge.

The day will be filled with fantastic photographic opportunities and will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Walking in the Bush

Feel Africa underfoot on a guided bush walk with a highly trained game ranger. The experience offers an intimate encounter with nature and wildlife, and medicinal and other plants are identified en route.

Rangers also teach walkers to track wildlife in the traditional way, using animal footprints and scat. Expert trackers are able to tell the gender of many animals just from their footprints. Encounter animals at ground level, its a truly memorable and authentic experience.

Jessica Hippo

Jessica the Hippo

Jessica the 10 year old female hippo has become somewhat of a worldwide phenomenon and has her own international fan club. She is a special and unique wild animal that interacts with humans in a rather different way than nature has intended.

It is believed that hippos are one of the most dangerous and fearsome animals in Africa and there are many accounts of them attacking and killing people who invade their space or disturb their routine. With Jessica this is not the case, since she has been reared from young by humans she loves interaction and displays mind boggling characteristics which make us wonder about our approach towards wild animals.

Learn her amazing story and have a chance to feed her, stroke her and if you’re brave enough even give her a kiss.

Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

This fabulous centre is home to injured, abandoned and poisoned wildlife. Some of the animals you may stumble across are the lion, cheetah, serval, honey badger, eagles, hyena, leopard, vultures, many baby animals and much more.

Moholoholo started out small with one or two baby and injured animals and word spread about the excellent work done caring for and releasing these animals back into the wild. Some animals that have been rescued cannot be returned to the wild due to their circumstances and have permanent residency at the centre.

The staff at the centre are incredibly enthusiastic about creating awareness and helping preserve our wildlife. Some animals are bred at the centre and then released.

Panorama Route Day Trip

The Three Rondawels

The Panorama Route with its breath-taking vistas around every mountain corner, waterfalls plunging down faces of sheer rock, memories of the gold rush following you as you meander down an endless river canyon, and eagles hovering above your head – you can't help walking with your head in the clouds.

One breath-taking view after another, where you'll experience mountains, sky, forests and the truly impressive Blyde River Canyon, one of the world's largest canyons and with its lush subtropical foliage makes it the greenest.

Scenic landmarks with evocative names like God's Window, Wonder View, the Pinnacle, Bourke's Luck Potholes and the Three Rondawels beckon.

The Bourke's Luck Potholes, these giant potholes have formed at the confluence of the Blyde and Treur rivers and mark the beginning of the Blyde River Canyon. They are without doubt incredible, essentially they're the result of decades of swirling eddies of water where the two rivers meet, the tumult of which has caused extensive water erosion over time. The result is a series of cylindrical rock sculptures that look as though they would be more comfortable on the moon. An amazing array of white, yellow and dark brown eddies of colour caused by the soil present in the water.

The Three Rondavels give a spectacular view over the Blyde River Canyon. Shaped like traditional African beehive huts, the Three Rondavels form three huge pinnacles of rock rising above the canyon below.

Once known as the Three Sisters, the geological formations known today as The Three Rondavels, are one of the many natural highlights along Mpumalanga's Panorama Route. South Africans know the rondavel as a traditional beehive-shaped hut built and used over centuries by indigenous people as their homes. The Three Rondavels are spectacular peaks which look exactly like rondavels – round and fat, rising to a peaked top, but much, much higher than any traditional dwelling. In fact, when you stand on the viewpoint, 1 380m above sea level with the Blyde River Canyon below, you'll still be looking up at those three distinctive peaks which tower 700m above the surrounding countryside.

These three geological formations were also once known as 'The Chief and his Three Wives'. The flat-topped peak was named Mapjaneng ('the chief') after a legendary Bapedi chief, Maripi Mashile, who defeated invading Swazis in a great battle near here. The three peaks are named after his three wives (from left to right) – Magabolie, Mogoladikwe and Maseroto.

How were these magnificent mountains formed? Apparently erosion wore away the soft underlying stone, leaving exposed slate and quartzite that shape these dramatic rock formations.

Be surefooted at the viewpoint, especially as there's no rail, and then just drink in the dramatic view with the canyon and the Blyde River dam way below you.

Although the visual element dominates on the Panorama Route, all your senses are enriched by the wealth of plant and animal life that the region supports. Mammals you might see along the Panorama Route include klipspringer, dassies, grey rhebuck, oribi, kudu, bushbuck, bushpig, monkeys, bushbabies, chacma baboons and black-backed jackals.

This area is also rich in birdlife including eagles that might well look you in the eye.

Blyde River Boat Trip

Enjoy the splendor of the third largest Canyon in the world. Unquestionably being the largest ‘green canyon’ due to its lush subtropical foliage. An interpretation tour by a tour guide will take you to the rare living Kadishi Tufa waterfall and the Three Rondawels. An abundance of wildlife will keep you distracted while learning more about the natural history of the Blyde Canyon. The Canyon is famous for the Kadishi Tufa waterfall. At 200m (around 660 feet) in height it is the second tallest tufa waterfall on earth. In the case of the Kadishi Tufa fall, the formation that has been produced strikingly resembles a face which is crying profusely, and is thus sometimes known as ‘the weeping face of nature. A leisurely cruise with the most stunning scenery, don’t forget your camera!

Giant Baobab Tree/Cycad Forrest & Predator Park Day Trip

The Giant Baobab

Internationally known for being the widest of its species in the world the Sunland Baobab tree has been carbon dated to be over 6000 year old and even made the cover of the Wall Street Journal.

On reaching 1000 years old the trees begin to hollow inside, this has resulted in the now famous inside tree bar which amazes visitors.

The location of the tree is ideal for visits to the nearby Cycad and rain forest, the Cycad plant can live up to 1000 years old and fossils have been found dating these plants over 280 million years.

After lunch in the Magoebaskloof Hotel with some spectacular scenery we make our way to the Predator park. Here you have the opportunity to interact, that is be in enclosures with, hyena, lion cubs, jackals, African wild cats and even tiger cubs. They have a large selection of other animals also which are rare to see in the wild so it gives you a chance to see and learn about them. This is a fantastic experience which you will remember for the rest of your life.

Kusudalweni Spa & Treatments

Kusudalweni Spa

Matsimela have created a unique and ever evolving product range that incorporates the finest ingredients selected for their beneficial properties.

They endeavour to source their ingredients through rural communities in their commitments to make South Africa a better place for all.

With a wide range of products available we are able to perform a multitude of treatments as well as offering a retail range guests can take home and enjoy.

Deluxe Manicure & Pedicure

Pure indulgence created to nourish, hydrate and restore vitality to hands and feet. Using active ingredients and plant extracts to leave skin nourished, refreshed and revitalised.

Full body massage

Lay back, relax and enjoy a rejuvenating full body massage, our massage oil is a unique mixture of oils blended together to make a truly special product. Avocado oil, Arnica, Mafura oil as well as natural vitamin E is combined into 3 synergies.

Cleansing and relaxing back treatment

A treatment that stimulates the lymphatic system, rejuvenating the nervous system and awakening the skin at cellular level. Great for a congested back area as well as tense back muscles.

Body Exfoliation

This lavish exfoliation with either a Kalahari Salt scrub or Sugar salt scrub gently eliminates all traces of dull skin cells and impurities. After the exfoliation an application of softening butter is applied leaving the body fully quenched and silky smooth.

Mud & Clay Wraps

The mud scrub has a lovely dual function on the skin. As it gently exfoliated with natural silica it also moisturises the skin with the added oils. Rose clay and Kaolin mud has been especially designed to glide onto the skin, deeply penetrate and detoxify as well as moisturise.

Body Butter Wrap

This wrap provides a luxurious experience that will deeply moisturise dry skin, soothe sensitive skin and improve skin tone and suppleness. It will aid in the removal of surface impurities and deeply moisturise the skin. The butter is allowed to penetrate and is then gently massaged into the skin.

Rasul & Steam

The Rasul Ritual, inspired by the cleansing ritual of the ancient harems, purifies and decongests while giving one time to reflect in an atmosphere of calm and relaxation. The treatment starts with the application of a salt scrub, followed by the application of clays. After the steam a soft rain will wash away the mud and cleans the soul. A rich butter application follows.

Time out Facial

First a naturally derived refreshing light exfoliating mask containing Alpha Hydroxy acids. Pure Marula oil and platacare extracts is used to thoroughly exfoliate the face. Followed by a mud mask containing Thermal mud Oligo elements, pure organic green rooibos tea and Kaolin to remove any underlying congestion, we then complete with a butter mask containing organic Ubuntu African oils, pure Baobab oil and a selection of special plant extracts.